Interim CFO

A CFO is a key and necessary player in a successful management team. However, not every organization can afford a full-time CFO. Sometimes the CFO is only needed for a specific timeframe or project. Using a 5- Step Critical Assessment Action Plan for businesses, we help your business in Cash Positioning, Balance Sheet Evaluation, Checks and Controls, Products, Services and Costing Structure, Collaboration and Teamwork in order for you to be in control and focus on the financial and business goals to stay on target and achieve your objectives.

Strategic Business Planning

A strategic business plan is a roadmap to where you want to lead your business. As the saying goes, “If You Do Not Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Take You There”. Using a 9-Part Strategic Business Review for effective business planning, we help your business identify red-flags, opportunities related to Market Identification, Solutions Uniqueness, Sales & Marketing Plan, Expansion Plan, Operations, Technology, Management & Team, Financial and Risk assessment to provide clarity to employees, stakeholders, lenders and investors on the future of your business.

Profitability Management

Profitability management is about knowing the key value creation levers that generates the greatest impact on your business. The right execution on the wrong levers can be costly to the business as it wasted time, resources, opportunity cost and losing out on opportunities that your competitors will certainly not miss. Using a 12-Part Critical Value-Add Impact Assessment, we help your company focus on Top-3 Sales Optimization, Top-3 COGS Optimization, Top-3 SG&A Optimization and Top-3 Balance Sheet Optimization for value creation. Every business is different and identifying what makes it different can be the secret to success and acquiring markets at the expense of your competitors.

Financial Management

Is your business a Cash Generator or a Cash Absorber? Developing a sound financial strategy that optimises the financial goals and capital structure ensures how to achieve a Sustainable Growth Rate for the business avoiding and/or reducing additional capital raising activities. Using a 7-Point Sustainable Growth Assessment, we will help your business position itself for growth and avoid financial potholes that can potentially derail the business related to Cash Generator or Cash Absorber and its impact on Financial Policy related to Capital Structure, Dividend Pay-out and Financial Goals on ROTC, ROE and Target Growth Rate.

Business Review Assessment

Whether you are managing an existing business or just stepped into the role of managing a new business, you need to be able to assess the overall business and understand where your focus point is situated. Failure to do so can create an opportunity for your competitors to overtake you with adverse consequences that can be profound and far-reaching on the long-term. Using a 4-Principle Approach for breakthrough performance, we help your business diagnose the Costing Structure and Pricing Determinants, Strategic Positioning, Customers’ Needs Assessment and defining Effective Delivery processes to grow and keep competitors at bay. It’s a tool no business can afford to miss.

Working Capital Management and Cashflow

Intense competition and limited and/or saturated markets can pose serious challenges to businesses. When a business environment is characterised by such variables, suppliers and other stakeholders will also take steps to preserve their cash flow, thus creating a domino effect. Using a 4-Levers for Working Capital Success, we help your business strategize Net Working Capital, Correlates between Cash Management and Business Performance, Industry Benchmarking, Levers of Working Capital. This strategy unlocks hidden cash in your operation and optimize your products, pricing, and processes to potentially accelerate your success at a greater pace.

Business Valuation

Every business with the right focus will aim to build a business with the highest valuation possible. To achieve this goal, you need Business Planning to understand enterprise value, Profitability Management on those activities that drive revenue, Working Capital Management that generates free cash flow, Financial Management that drives cost of capital and Business Diagnostic to propel growth. In addition, valuation needs to be supported and justified against external micro and macroeconomic or industry projections. This will enable you to increase your valuation to attract investment, strengthen your negotiating position and grow the business!

Finance Training

It’s all about the organizational benefits derived from financial education programs that aim to furnish within your company the necessary skillsets needed to create strategic and great leadership. Sound financial management practices, the ability to leverage assets for expansion, proficiency in working capital management, and other key financial skills are the gateway to growth and value creation. Effective financial training enables your junior and senior staff create value within the company thus boosting value to the highest level possible. Investing in financial training does just that.

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