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It’s not the free reports, guides, spreadsheets, worksheets or templates that you can get that will solve your business challenges! Many of these actually waste your time. What you need is a carefully thought-out plan that produces results to separate you from your competitors!

Learn the secrets of strategic financial management and how it builds your business valuation. When correctly implemented, it will also keep your business growing and drive profitability!
K.H. Kan
Being a performance-driven Specialist CFO, my goal is to empower you to streamline your operations, improve your business, increase profitability and grow it to the next level.
As a Chief Financial Officer, I am a financial, operational and commercially knowledgeable professional, who due to my many years of experience can provide you with business strategies and the know-how to improve and grow your business. Ultimately, the implementation of a concerted strategic plan drives business valuation and maximizes shareholder value.

If you feel that your business growth has stalled and that it is not making enough money, or you are unsure as to how to move your business forward, It is more than likely that I have dealt with a similar situation in the past, having worked with many growing and established businesses in the Asia region. There is no need for frustration or stress, you can fight declining sales, stop the erosion of profitability and reduce costs. You can become more competitive and grow.

I totally agree. Most companies fail because of corporate financials, not Marketing.
CEO/Owner at Internet Marketing and Business Coach
  • 20 Years of Finance Leadership
  • Industry: Medical Devices, Healthcare Supply, Retail, Financial Services, Professional Services
  • Focus: Finance, Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Operations

Improving businesses through financial management and proven business diagnostic.

The value we create by engaging us

Smooth running operations and Debt reduction and avoidance
Increased profitability and a culture of business growth
Capital value growth and increased company valuation
We help companies achieve greater control to take charge of their business direction thus freeing management to focus on what they do best: building the business!

Primary Practice

Interim CFO

A CFO is a key and necessary player in a successful management team. However, not every organization can afford a full-time CFO. Sometimes the CFO is only needed for a specific timeframe or project. More

Working Capital Management & Cashflow

Intense competition and limited and/or saturated markets can pose serious challenges to businesses. When a business environment is characterised by such variables, suppliers and other stakeholders will also take steps to preserve their cash flow, thus creating a domino effect. More

Business Valuation

Every business with the right focus will aim to build a business with the highest valuation possible. To achieve this goal, you need Business Planning to understand enterprise value, Profitability Management on those activities that drive… More

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Our customized advisory is built around the following Value Proposition:

Be in control of your business and have a clear sense of direction by knowing the critical success levers that will drive your business.
Know the necessary actions that need to be executed in a timely manner.
Most businesses fail due to the poor execution of important tasks.

Our Core Values


Fully committed to advisory and output that is relevant to your specific needs.


Assurances on completion that matches the timeline for your business targets and implementation.


Fully responsible for the standard of work that meets quality expectations.

Social Responsible

We are committed to support social enterprises

Social Good

At RVP Capital, we are committed to support social enterprises that are devoted to the common good of human lives. We believe that we can play a part in contributing to the social good of humanity. Our way of contribution is to support social businesses with our expertise, experiences and intention to bring successes to these enterprises. We trust that business have a multiplier effects that goes beyond a single contribution to the social cause. By helping social enterprises to be successful in its enterprise endeavour, it will enable the creation of many more downstream and upstream positive effects to the people around it. Through our social efforts we hope to spur the spirit of social entrepreneurships and encourage the efforts for continuous care in the world which we live in.

We believe our social aspiration To Do Good Always will bring about positive effects in people’s lives.

We welcome social enterprises to contact us on how we can achieve this noble objective together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure if this engagement is good for my business.

Maintaining control over business operations is crucial in ensuring that it meets its objectives. Our range of services endeavors to collaborate with you to understand your business needs and to provide a roadmap for your business to achieve those goals.

I think I can do it on my own by researching on information available in the internet and it’s free.

Many of those advices in the internet are generic and not tailored to your business needs. Each business circumstances are different and merely taking off-the-shelf advices can be risky and a waste of precious commodity called Time. What is required is business judgement and knowing the environment that goes beyond mere business modelling.

I probably can get my accountant to do it since they are already doing my accounts.

An accountant performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business, organization or company’s financial operations and report generation. A CFO plays a very different role. CFO is a strategic thinker and commercially inclined who due to his many years of experience can provide business insight to the financial information. A CFO balances between short term needs and the long term goal by optimizing resources and risk to maximize shareholders value.

Why don’t I just automate the whole process? This saves cost and on-going updates and review.

Automation is the easy part. But one should not just take the data as it is and act upon it. Business is dynamic and goes beyond data in decision making. Good decision making involves real-life experiences, wisdom, judgement and insight. See A Perspective: Why not just simply automate?

How does the fee compare to a full-time CFO?

Compare to engaging a full-time CFO whose base salary ranges approximately between SGD18, 000 to SGD 37, 000* per month and other fixed benefits (20% – 30% in addition), we provide the most competitive fees for the value we bring to your business and with the flexibility of engagement.

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